Ceramic paint products have been on the market now for several years, and they have fast become T. L. Hart’s product of choice. Sold in both interior & exterior formulations, ceramic paint is 100% acrylic, low odor, and formulated with ceramic spheres to impart excellent stain resistance properties. On interior surfaces, finger prints, soil, grease, and many other stains wash off with mild soap and water without harming the film. This product complies with LEED Green Building Rating System GS-11 for interior flat paints. The interior products, both flat (for walls and ceilings) and semigloss (great for trim and doors) are perfect for hospitals, schools, homes or any area where odor is a concern. It allows a flat finish in high use areas, with maximum durability. The exterior products-formulated last and available only recently, perform excellently and represent perhaps the best acrylic coating on the market. Ceramic products are sold by various manufacturers, O’Leary Paint being a T. L. Hart favorite. In fact, O’Leary’s Ceramic Semigloss product was rated the 2nd best paint on the market of all brands in its category. Though somewhat more expensive than standard acrylic products, Ceramic Paint is T. L. Hart’s choice when it comes to interior architectural products.

Written by Terry Hart

Terry "TL" Hart is President and CEO of one of mid-Michigan's largest painting companies. Entering its 29th year, T. L. Hart, Inc. has served thousands of customers both in and out of state. It's projects ranges from large industrial facilities to private home owners. In each and every instance TL and the firm m<>aintains a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. TL resides in Lansing, Michigan with his lovely wife of 41 years. The couple has five grown children and ten grandchildren, and are active in their local church.