Our Core Values

T. L. Hart, Inc. has gone through a process of boiling down who we are and what we believe. I’m convinced that what we believe is who we are—or, at least aspire to be. We have concluded that four values describe our company as we envision it:  love, service, excellence, and teamwork.

Our primary core value is love and is best defined by what is referred to as The Golden Rule: “Do unto others what you would have them do to you.”  Taken from the Bible (Matthew 7:21), it is hard to think of a better axiom to live by.  Whereas everyone wants to be treated well, what better thing can we do as a company than to treat others well.  Imagine everyone looking out for the interests of others!  That’s the point.

Second is service.  I have long felt that ‘he who serves best is best.’  In corporate terms, the better we serve our customers the better we will be.  And, since our vision is to be the best provider of painting and related services to our mid-Michigan clients, the only way to fulfillment is to work hard at serving better than anyone else.

Our third core value is excellence.  The idea is to be above average, first class, exceptional.  Not just in the quality of our finishes—though this is vital, but in everything we do.  From the way we respond to people, to how we produce our proposals and follow up, to executing our work and closing out our projects.  Inclusive is how we dress, the cleanliness of our job sites, and the efficiency with which we perform our work.  Everything.

Finally, there is teamwork.  I believe there is a blessing that comes with unity.  Everyone benefits when there is a unified effort.  This is why we teach our team how to work together, settle disputes, and approach our projects.  Teamwork is built around everyone doing their part to satisfy the customer by striving to do their best.

These four core values are what we as a company have decided to live by.  They play into every aspect of our operation, from who we do business with and how, to who we hire, conduct our work, and--above all, treat people.  While we have a long way to go, we have at least started down the path to becoming who we want to be.  It began with identifying what was truly important to us.