The Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Building

The Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Building

If there is anything that tells of your care for your property--or the lack of it, it is a poorly maintained building. Shabby landscaping, an unkept parking lot, and a faded, peeling paint job not only detracts from your property’s road appeal, but its value and your tenant’s morale. Just about every building, with the exception of brick, needs maintenance painting at some point, even prefinished metal buildings. Here are some benefits of having your commercial property repainted.

Painting increases your property’s value

A well-maintained commercial building will have a more competitive price on the market compared to one that's not. While you may consider some maintenance works and renovations to increase your property’s value, repainting is one of the most cost-effective methods to achieve that.

Painting extends your property's life span

Today's paints are formulated to provide extra protection against snow, rain, and UV exposure. In addition, the latest paints and paint additives can keep pests from infesting the wooden parts of your building.

Painting can attract new clients and customers

A well-maintained and newly painted building will likely invite new and potential clients. When they see how well you take care of your property, they can be confident that you will take care of them equally well.

Painting sets your property apart

Repainting and maintaining your commercial building regularly is a good way to set yourself apart from nearby businesses that offer the same products and services. Using vibrant and eye-catching colors is also a good way to attract more customers to your business. Painting your building in your company's colors is a good way to reinforce your branding.


Painting improves employee morale and productivity

If your commercial property houses several businesses, giving it a fresh new coat of paint on a regular basis can have a positive effect on the employees working in your building. Here's how certain colors can affect the productivity of employees.

  • Blue – Considered as a stable and calming color, blue can help employees focus on their tasks which makes it an excellent color for promoting productivity.
  • Green – Ideal for employees working long hours, green prevents eye fatigue and also has a calming effect that keeps employees efficient throughout the day.
  • Yellow –This color is said to spark creativity. Yellow is the perfect color when working with designers, artists, and musicians.
  • Red – Red helps increase blood flow and heart rate, making it the ideal color for tasks involving physical activity. The color red also stimulates passion, as well as a person's appetite.

Painting keeps your property compliant

Depending on where your commercial property is located, there are regulations and local laws about maintaining a commercial building that you have to comply with. One example is the use of lead-based paints on commercial properties. Since lead-based paints are hazardous to both humans and the environment, certain states prohibit the use of this type of paint altogether.

Giving your commercial property a fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to breathe life to its aging exterior or interior walls. If you're looking for a professional painting contractor, look no further than T. L. Hart, Inc. Our team of professional painters will provide you with a high-quality paint job at an affordable price. Contact us today to request a painting quote.

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