Regular Maintenance Extends Life of Paint

Regular Maintenance Extends Life of Paint

On commercial buildings, maintaining newly painted surfaces will, in the long run, save time and money by extending the life of the paint job. Here’s how to keep your commercial property looking good.

On exteriors

1. Begin with a professional contractor who will do things right the first time. Many painting projects fail because of poorly prepared surfaces or cheap paint. Professionals know to produce great and lasting results. Paying a little more up front will pay off in the long run.

2. Be sure to eliminate sources of unwanted moisture. Moisture penetration, whether it is painted wood or masonry, is a prime reason for paint failure. A sound roof, proper flashings, gutters and downspouts unclogged and in good shape, plus windows, doors, and joints properly caulked, all contribute to a water-tight building.

3. Keep your building clean. One sure way of maintaining the good looks of your commercial property is to have it power washed regularly. Most contractors offer this as a regular service, but few customers take advantage of it.

4. Touch-up the paint. Inevitably, and over time, paint will chip and peel. This is true especially in climates like Michigan, where temperatures can vary ten or twenty degrees in a day’s time! This means the expansion and contraction of the substrates. Even metal siding will expand and contract with temperature variations. The best practice is to review your commercial building’s painted surfaces once a year, noting if there are any areas that need paint repair. Then, contact a good commercial painting contractor to take care of the issues before they become a major problem.

On interiors

1. When initially painting or repainting, be sure your contractor uses a good commercial grade enamel. In most environments, an eggshell finish is the industry standard. The goal is a durable and washable surface.

2. Regularly take care of the painted finish by washing when and as needed. Cleaning walls is far less expensive than repainting them, and in most situations, a business’s cleaning company can take care of minor dirt and smudges. For larger projects, your commercial painting company will typically provide this service, and if not, many cleaning companies offer wall washing as well.

3. As on exteriors, you can extend the life of your interior paint job by taking care of scratches, nicks and gouges by spot patching and touch-up painting. It is particularly effective if you have some of the original paint left in store. Of course, if you want a professional to do the touch-up work, call your commercial painting contractor.

4. Use protective measures such as corner guards. Outside corners are usually the first areas to become damaged over time; a good plastic corner guard will solve this issue. Also effective are chair rails, vinyl wainscotting, fiberglass reinforced panels, kick plates (on doors), and proper door stops.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and even great paint jobs need to be redone in time. In taking the above measures, you will extend the length of time before repainting is needed. Like a car, it is cheaper to maintain it than to neglect it and end up with an expensive repair—or, having to purchase a new one as a result.

Maintaining your commercial property's paint job requires a lot of work, which is why you need the help of a professional painting contractor like TL Hart. Our team of expert painters use tried and tested techniques to guarantee the longevity of your building's paint job. If you're looking to repaint your commercial facility, give us a call today and we'll provide you with a detailed estimate on the painting project you have in mind.

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