Floor Coating

Floor Coating - Grand Ledge, East Lansing, Williamston T. L. Hart applies multiple types of floor coatings, from basic clear sealers to self-leveling 100% solid epoxies impregnated with quartz flakes. Floors are ground down or shot-blasted to remove old coating and / or to provide tooth for proper adhesion of new coating. Coating types depend on usage and customer preference.

Types of finishes include:

  • Clear Sealers - Available in a variety of types and bases, these coatings are typically applied for dust control and to facilitate cleaning. And, depending on type, they can require little-to-no floor preparation or up to and including shot-blasting.
  • Urethanes - These are colored paints and are generally applied to general, low-use floors in non-industrial settings.
  • Moisture Cured Urethanes - These products use moisture in the air as a curing agent and convert to a tough finish suitable for heavy traffic. They provide excellent abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance and are often applied as a clear top coat over other coatings.
  • Polyamide Epoxy - Available in both solvent and waterborne formulations, polyamides represent the ‘good’ coating option for general to low-usage situations. Epoxies are designed for good impact and abrasion resistance and are resistant to chemical and acid attack. Certain types may also be used for immersion service in fresh or salt water.
  • 100% Solids Epoxy - These products represent the best option for heavy-use environments. Depending on the manufacturer they are typically designed for a one coat application over a sealer and can produce a 15 to 20mm thick finish. They are widely used for interior floors that are subject to heavy traffic, industrial chemicals and high abrasion.
  • Anti-slip and decorative resurfacers - These are the most expensive options for floors and applications. They are mainly used in situations where resurfacing is required due to damaged or worn-down concrete, environments where an anti-slip surface is required, or where an aesthetic, high-build coating is desired.

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