Create an entirely new space

Transforming your space can be a daunting task. Do you renovate? Tear down? Paint? Often we overlook the transformative power of color, texture and finish to transform a space. Industrial clients, with huge investments in machinery and plant space have even larger concerns. Paint and coatings can renovate these workspaces, making them clean, bright and safe. Commercial building exteriors say as much about your business as the logo on the door, and your clients make instant decisions about the quality and value of your work by the appearance of your office. Paint and coatings are as much about the brand experience as the company logo and marketing materials. Our solutions are:

The right size

Large or small, we have the solution that works for your business. Your business needs a refresh, but you might not have the budget to paint the entire plant. At T. L. Hart we’re flexible. We structure projects to fit client budgets, work schedules and business cycles.

Productivity boosting

Workplaces matter. We spend most of our time at work, and that space has to inspire, motivate and focus us and our employees. Investing in your property and your people is as much about the working environment as the work itself.

Schedule an appointment, discuss options, and get your home or office on the road to looking fresh and wonderful again.