Selecting A Contractor

There are over 3,000 painting contractors in Michigan, and it seems like most of them reside in mid-Michigan! Seriously though, there are a lot of painters to ‘choose’ from. But are they qualified?

How do you select a legitimate contractor? What constitutes a “qualified” contractor?

First and foremost, the State of Michigan requires that painting contractors be licensed. Years ago, a study by Lansing’s Channel 6 disclosed that fewer than twelve local contractors were licensed. Before you take a bid from a painting contractor, make sure he is properly licensed.

Second, is he insured? Minimum insurance requirements for the painting contractor include liability insurance. This covers the contractor and you if anything should happen while he is on your property.

If he has others working for him, they may be employees under IRS rules, and the contractor must carry workman’s compensation insurance. If he does not, he may be violating State law.

Is he a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) PDCA is the only organization – locally and nationally – that represents the painting trade. PDCA sets the standards of quality, service and proper management that place the contractor member in a class above the others.

Does he have a legitimate place of business? Most painting contractors are self-taught and operate out of their trucks or homes. There is little investment in his company and he is often here today, gone tomorrow. A legitimate place of business indicates he is here to stay, a comforting thought for the contractor or end-user who wants assurance of quality and longevity.

Is he safe? State law dictates that painting contractors have a written Safety and Right to Know program and train their workers. Few do. An injury on your premises can be demoralizing, delay the project, and ultimately end up in court. Further, paint products can be hazardous, and the painting contractor must know what chemicals are being used, how to apply them, store them and dispose of them properly.

Has he been in business long? The painting trade is, unfortunately, relatively easy to get into. It requires little investment. In other words, just about anyone can call him or herself a painting contractor. However, he may have just started out, and your project may be one of their first jobs!

The bottom line is this: hire a professional. T. L. Hart, Inc. is licensed, fully insured, has a place of business, a bona fide Safety and Right to Know program, complete with regular training, and has been in business for over thirty years!

In addition, we fully guarantee our work, use the finest of paint products, and require our employees to wear company uniforms. For a copy of our guarantee, please contact us.

When it’s time to have your project painted, call a legitimate contractor. Call a professional. Call T. L. Hart, Inc..